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Linkedin marketing experts - marketing. An elnco | egypt enterprise marketing partner

Linkedin Marketing Experts

Drive brand awareness, engagement, and leads through LinkedIn’s unique business-focused network.

Linkedin Marketing ExpertsUnprecedented insights into professional opinions


Place your brand in front of a highly-educated, affluent audience with advanced targeting that ensures your message is hitting your ideal customers.


At elnco | Egypt, we discover then engage the audiences that matter with hyper-personalized creative to ensure business message resonates, and that ad spending isn’t going to waste.

Maximize the Impact of Your LinkedIn Spend:
As experts in strategy, execution, and optimization, elnco | EGY+L works with brands to:

  • » Develop compelling content and targeting strategies: Unprecedented insights into the world’s largest source of professional opinions.
    • » Supercharge your media tactics: Obtain insights into where to invest advertising dollars for maximum ROI.
    • » Revamp your B2B marketing campaigns: Design effective content campaigns and create messages that resonate with targeted key audiences.
    • » Understand your professional enthusiasts: Identify and analyze how audiences engage with your brand, products or services (and those of your competitors) on LinkedIn.
  • » Build high-performing audiences: Just a few of Media Strategies at your disposal.
    • » elnco | EGY+L AUDIENCE BREAKDOWN: Audience research identify the audience segments most engaged with a topic
    • » elnco | EGY+L URLS: Content development identify top engaged content by an audience or for a topic
    • » elnco | EGY+L DOMAINS: Brand management identifies prime domains with higher engagement rate by an audience or for a topic
    • » elnco | EGY+L CONCEPTS: Audience research identifies the concepts (named entities) subjects and brands viewing the maximum engagement by an audience or for a topic
    • » elnco | EGY+L TERMS: Content development identify the top keywords and terms used for each of a set of topics
    • » elnco | EGY+L MENTIONS: Brand management identify the companies mentioned most by an audience to for a topic
  • » Optimize using best practices. Learned from running thousands of campaigns.
    • » No data scientist required: We’ve created many media strategies based on performed projects and conventional practice data science.
    • » Simplistic input parameters: With elnco | EGY+L Media Strategies, you can apply keywords and audience segments to create insights.
    • » Clearly presented results: Easy, user-friendly lists that are easy to integrate.

LinkedIn Engagement Insights now at your fingertips

elnco | Partnership with Linkedin Engagement Insights enables organizations to discover what professionals are reading, sharing, and saying around products, industries, brands, and headlines on the world’s extensive professional network.

Canadian Media Strategies for Egyptian LinkedIn Engagement Insights

  • » Campaign Measurement: Determine the success of your elnco | EGY+L campaigns.
  • » Competitive Benchmarking: See how you compare performs
  • » Crisis Tracking: Stay on top and control each crisis
  • » Event Performance: Measure and optimize the impact of events
  • » Hashtag Tracking: Increase your reach on social networks
  • » Influencer Management: Find the right influencers to amplify your message
  • » News Publisher: Boost your outreach with compelling stories
  • » Reputation Analysis: Protect your online reputation
  • » elnco | EGY+L Channel Analytics: Track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance
  • » elnco | EGY+L Listening: Track brand mentions across the globe, on every network
  • » elnco | EGY+L Media: Build up buzz around video broadcasting

Insights into audiences, content and engagement

LinkedIn Engagement Insights offers the most comprehensive dataset on professionals, with insights into audiences, content, and engagement on LinkedIn. Businesses can analyze more than 130 analysis attributes, including member and business demographics, topics, entities, links, and behaviors around likes, comments, and shares.

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