Hello, we are elnco | Enterprise Local Network Corporation. A Canadian digital marketing and integrated creative agency built for the evolving business challenges you face. With office in Africa, Middle East, and Egypt.   
Nader hanna | president, and chief executive officer ~ elnco | egypt top 2021 enterprise marketing agency

Nader Hanna

“Our focus is to help make our Client’s brands more useful to consumers emotionally and functionally.” Nader Hanna | Enterprise Local Network Corporation Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Maintaining the status quo is not a winning strategy. As Enterprise Local Network Corporation CEO, this core belief drove Mr. Nader Hanna and his leadership team’s successful transformation of elnco | Egypt, moving its creative agency from innovations to pioneering while creating and leading the explosive digital marketing category.

Intense, boisterous, imaginative. Nader Hanna is the innovative force of the corporation. Accountable for providing the vision, thought leadership, and corporate strategy, Nader’s strength is to focus on the big picture while sustaining quality toward the finest details that facilitate elnco | Egypt’s success.

A digital interpreter, Nader has preached the gospel of online marketing directly to the local businesses of many cities across North America.

Mr. Nader Hanna | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Agency

Mr. Hanna is passionate about building and enabling teams to drive market innovation and scale elnco | Egypt’s business global-wide while advancing the company as a respected regional brand and corporate citizen.

“We will create lasting digital marketing solutions between brands and consumers by finding ways to become a welcome, valued part of their lives at precisely the right moment and place.” Said Mr. Hanna at an interview with Egypt Today News (SaskToday.News)

elnco | Canada Enterprise Marketing Agency is governed by four core values: drive, innovation, honor, and agility. Mr. Nader Hanna is exceptionally passionate about upholding these core values while leading elnco | Egypt down a path of modernization to become the number one marketing agency in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.

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