Egyptian Digital Marketing Packages Pricing


Digital Marketing Packages Pricing


Ideal for Bloggers, Start-Ups, and Small Businesses with a limited budget.

10 Hours Total
You’ll also have the option to add staff as needed on an hourly basis of
Digital Marketing Review

elnco | Egypt Enterprise Marketing begins each new package with a strategic review, which serves as a guide for the entire campaign. This plan is designed to be a living document revisited regularly as your business grows and the digital marketing landscape changes. You will receive a paper or digital copy of this plan based on your preference.

Basic Strategy Review Document:

  • Review basic business stats & goals
  • Target demographic overview
  • Web revision suggestions
  • SEO Goals
  • Social Media recipe
  • Content Piece calendar


  • Onboarding facilitator lead
  • Social Media or Content representative support
  • A brief introduction to a developer (if applicable)
Basic Search Engine Optimization
The purpose of your SEO campaign is to increase the total visibility of your brand online to prospective clients or customers. Specific goals are subject to your Strategic Plan. The Small Business package contains a 1 Hour of site check­-ins called Work and Review Sets (WARS), designed to analyze problems and opportunities and assign job tasks to address issues and take advantage of opportunities. The details of each review and work set vary, depending on the client’s industry, goals, and competition.
On Page Optimization*

elnco | Egypt Enterprise specializes in Search Engine Optimization geared for small businesses. While this implies localized SEO services, we can retool our standard work for national campaigns.

SEO is broken up into two primary tasks:

  • On-site Optimization, which has to do with the structure and content of the page. (Max 3 Pages Included)
  • Off-site Optimization, which has to do with the site's popularity based on the number of links to the website, the kind, quality, source of links they are, and the referring site authority. (An Add-on)
XML Sitemap Generation & Submission

Long ago, the best practice was to create an HTML sitemap of at least all your higher-level pages and link this HTML sitemap from the footer of all site pages. This allowed search engines to have a buffet of site URLs from any one page on your site.

Then along came XML sitemaps, Data Markup, and Jason Automation. Extensible Markup Language is the preferred means of data digestion by search engines.

With this tool at our disposal, elnco | Egypt SEO Specialists can tell/feed search engines data on the pages of a site they want to be crawled and the priority or hierarchy of site content alongside information on when the page was last updated.

Webmaster Tool Management
Whether it is Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools, both are free services allowing you to learn a great deal of information about your website and the people who visit it. We set up your preferred tools so you can utilize them to find out things like site traffic, referring source, whether mobile device or desktop computer are used, and which pages on your site are the most popular. It can also assist you in finding and fix website errors, submit a sitemap, and create and check a robots.txt file.


Digital Marketing Packages Pricing


It is excellent for corporations that need to ensure they’re easily findable when searching their industry or service in their city or region.

100 Hours Total
Additional staff can be added if required on an hourly basis of $65/Hour.
Digital Marketing Strategy

elnco | Egypt Enterprise Digital Marketing Strategy serves as a guide for the entire campaign. This plan is designed to be a living document revisited regularly as your business grows and the digital marketing landscape changes. You will receive a paper or digital copy of this plan based on your preference.

Strategy Plan Document:

  • Review business stats & goals
  • Target demographic overview
  • Creation of ideal customer profile
  • Web revision suggestions
  • SEO Goals
  • Social Media recipe
  • Content Piece calendar
  • Photo/video plan


  • Onboarding facilitator lead
  • Social Media or Content representative support
  • A brief introduction to a developer (if applicable)
  • Account Manager/SEO Strategist lead
  • Entire team representation including Content, Social & Development
Advanced Search Engine Optimization

SEO services provide both on-site and off-site SEO. We’ve taken an semantic algorithmic approach to keeping pace with Google and developed a network of local Canadian directories that helps business owners build on their existing sites and connect with each other. elnco | Egypt SEO dynamic linking engine is designed to effortlessly address important ranking signals used to determine the value and relevancy of a website for 10 keywords. elnco | Egypt Enterprise SEO experts will get your Egyptian business the content it needs to rank and authority inbound links from competitors and businesses in your category.

Social Media Setup & Optimization

Social Marketing gives small and medium size businesses the ability to grow their brand base and turn online leads into raving fans. Every day, millions of consumers declare their buying intentions on social media. With Social Marketing, business owners can:

  • Gather leads based on semantic geo-targeted keywords
  • Choose from pre-determined lead searches or create unique searches and receive alerts when prospects are discovered
  • Start on-time conversations with customers and offer incentives to buy

Remember, you’re also selling a good experience. 55% of Egypt businesses use social media for customer aqiusition: elnco helps you evolve and streamline your social marketing to thrive in this new environment. elnco | Egypt social media experts make it easy for you to bring together retail analytics and content from across every channel to create better brand experiences.

    • Post to multiple social channels
    • Track performance across profiles

elnco | Egypt Enterprise social media packages deliver revenue-generating social tools to local Canadian businesses. Our social experts help local businesses grow their fan base, find real-time leads and share relevant content across all of their social channels.

Google Analytics Setup & Customization

It's more than data and insights. It's about actually knowing your customers.

elnco | Egypt Analytics experts helps you use data to get a real-time understanding of your business. elnco | Egypt Enterprise online analysis tools empower your decision making with accurate, timely, and insightful data. With advanced segment building and customizable reporting, you can discover your high-value customers and the best ways to engage them.

Understand your customers, find deep insights, and identify issues — all with real-time, multichannel data. Measure the effectiveness of your mobile apps to understand how people interact with your digital experiences across devices.

Take advantage of machine learning and AI to discover new insights and uncover hidden opportunities. Use experiential data from cross-channel marketing and advanced analytics to get the most complete picture of your local customers' journey.

Don’t just know your customers today. Know them tomorrow.

Content Marketing Audit

Energise your content. And ignite experiences flow.

Deeper content analytics by topic unlike other analytics audit that break down content by URL. This level of detail delivers deeper insights into how audiences consume your content and highlights hard-to-find opportunities and gap spots.

Utilize our Content Impact Score (CIS), to identify your business website’s top-performing topics. The side-by-side comparison highlights the discrepancy between your writing and what your audience is consuming, enabling you to improve brand positioning and market approach.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise content auditing platform is a content intelligence engine that clarifies the business audience’s needs, identifies converting content, and uncovers how your brand is positioned against your competition.

Social Analytics

Bank results with your social marketing.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise social management platform ties every piece of data to your business bottom line. Beyond just the likes and follows, manage the deep relationship between your customers’ sentiments and your Egypt business goals.

elnco | Egypt Social Analytics Experts bring context to online and offline data, helping you build loyalty with customers you know and learn more about those you just met. Real intelligence and precise audience creation can help you put real-time insights into action.

Loyalty requires a relationship. To retain your most big-ticket customers, you need to understand them. Reach out with authenticity — showing that you know their ongoing interests and needs.

Monthly Reporting

See customer trends unfold right before your eyes.

Know what’s happening with your digital properties each and every second, so you can take action when it really counts. With Real-time Marketing Analytics, business can react to live trends, change marketing tactics in an instant, quickly abandon campaigns that aren’t working, and immediately capitalize on hot opportunities.

Real-time reports. Get second-to-second reports that are intuitive and self-updating, so it’s easy to see what’s happening with your visitors, right as it’s happening:

  • Compleate SEO Health Check
  • Complete Website Health Check
  • Complete Social Media Health Check
24/7 Email Support

Free Award Winning Customer Support 24/7 You can count on us.

At elnco | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Egypt, we’re committed to your complete satisfaction. With more than 65 years of experience in the industry, our FREE, 24/7 Email Support is a trusted resource for thousands of customers just like you. Rely on us for support before, during, or after the sale.


Digital Marketing Packages Pricing


Unified for eCommerce sites and enterprise companies to reach massive audiences.

1000 Hours Total
Priority access to the additional staff as required at a discounted hourly rate of $55/Hour
Enterprise Digital Marketing Team

Suppose you want to build a competitive digital footprint, reach your target audience before your competitors, and develop your brand as a thought leader in your industry. In that case, the Enterprise Package is for you. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Package is our most scalable service level. That means we’ll work with you to build a package tailored towards your business goals. You’ll pay for what you need to succeed and nothing more, thus maximizing your return on marketing investment.

The base price gives you a part-time, Up to 20 Hrs/Week, outsourced marketing department. With the Enterprise Package, you’ll be able to fully leverage our services and scale them based on your goals, budget, and strategy. Your primary team includes:

The base price gives you a part time, Up to 20 Hrs/Week, outsourced marketing department. With the Enterprise Package, you’ll be able to fully leverage our services and scale them based on your goals, budget, and strategy. Your primary team includes:

  • An Account Strategist
  • A Social Media Manager
  • A Content Marketing Specialist
  • An SEO specialist
  • An Analytics Experts

You’ll also have the following staff available as needed on an hourly basis $55/Hour:

  • A Web/Mobile Developer
  • A Graphic Designer (UX)
  • A User Experience Engineer (UX)
  • A Creative Copywriter
  • A Photographer
  • A Videographer
  • An Ad Consultant / Manager
Audience Experience Management

All you need to get personal. Fast.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Egypt integrated solutions give you all you need to deliver exceptional and consistent experiences across every channel and device with the right experience to every customer, every time.

Personalization sells.

Personalization is no longer optional in business, and it’s one of the topmost powerful ways to win beyond price-cutting. But the facts show that many companies aren’t nailing it — yet. elnco | Egypt Experience Management Solutions make delivering great digital experiences look easy. Close the personalization gap.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise leading digital experience management solution helps your business deliver compelling content across experiences — such as web, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) — at the scale local Canadian business need to build a strong brand and drive engagement.

  • From web and mobile sites to screens at physical sites, elnco | Egypt solutions ensure a personalized and connected experience wherever people are.
  • Discover an innovative, enterprise-class digital brand management system that accelerates the sourcing, management, and delivery for a consistent experience.
  • Simplify the creation of forms and documents that support customer enrolments and employee onboarding.
  • Your local business's online solid presence brings people together. So give them forums, boards, and other places to engage with you and with each other.
  • Your customers, employees, and fans are your best advocates. Curate and publish user-generated content from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, and review sites.
Content & Media Optimization

The right content attracts the right audience.

Catch the big picture, get a complete view of your content and media performance across search, display, and social to better understand how customers interact with your brand.

Respond with confidence, elnco | Egypt Enterprise Content & Media Optimization accuracy reporting solution helps you know when and where to invest your online advertising budget.

Maximize your ROIs, earn more return from your advertising budget, knowing it’s being spent most strategically and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization Management

Amplify business revenue organically.

ROI focused, we measure success based on closed sales - NOT views, clicks, and shares. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Search Engine Experts 'll help you reach higher revenue targets without spending more money.

We look at your on-page optimization, link development strategy, and study of business competition to create a customized SEO package based upon your specific needs and budget.

elnco | Egypt are experts on many platforms: Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Optimizely, VWO, Adobe CQ, Google Analytics, Clicktale, Crazy Egg, UserTesting, ​AdWords, Marketo, Eloqua, SFDC, Demandbase, Tableau, Google Search Console, Moz, DialogTech, LivePerson... and many more.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise AGILE Methodology to Organic Performance.

elnco | Egypt SEO Experts can work on multiple disciplines within organic performance without deadlines being impacted or results being compromised. Changing landscapes can also be accommodated with ease, allowing the focus to be shifted towards opportunity. Our search engine optimization services can take you from start to finish.

  • SEO audits and strategy development
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Link building and quality links audit
  • Website design and site redesign guidance

Our Enterprise SEO Expertise extends to:

  • Advisory for SEO quality assurance: Do you have a solid grasp of SEO and a knowledgeable development team but need a consultant to validate your approach and reassure you as you complete your changes? We offer full SEO consulting services.
  • New SEO hire reviews: Have you made a choice to hire an SEO, link builder, designer, content developer with knowledge of the search industry but aren’t sure if he truly knows his stuff? Let us make sure you’re getting the best fit for your company.
Social Media Management

Social Engaging is now automatic.

Predict the best mix of social network channels. Then automate the execution. elnco | Egypt social experts teams support Egyptian business efforts in engaging in conversations with local consumers with tactical, direct response-focused campaigns. elnco | Egypt Enterprise social management teams support clients from planning through activation across Paid, owned, and earned.

  • Social media research
  • Network Competitive analysis
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social business implementation guidelines
  • Social profile creation
  • Social tools and Software recommendations
  • Social Brand building strategy development
  • Online Community monitoring

Harnessing the power of social as a marketing channel goes beyond fan and follower acquisition, engagement, or pure sales metrics; it requires a strategic data-driven approach to activation with targeting, messaging, and KPIs that are comprehensively tailored to both your audiences and objectives.

eCommerce Setup And Monetization

Experience-driven eCommerce can influence every interaction businesses to have with customers — for segments and even individuals.

elnco | Egypt Enterprise eCommerce solutions refine cross-selling with dynamic product suggestions. Our eCommerce experts help Egypt business improve KPIs, conversion, revenue per visit, margins, and product discovery.

elnco | Egypt eCommerce Platform ensures that your customers find the product they are looking for. Have the flexibility to influence product discovery and highlight specific products and promotional offers.

  • Integrated Commerce: Easily orchestrate campaigns and publish content across the web, email, mobile, and social channels within one authoring platform.
  • Tailored for on-the-go commerce: Deliver both mobile web experiences and native mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.
  • Automated Shopping Experience: Adapt and optimize content to fit each screen and utilize native device capabilities, from geolocation to automatic device detection.
  • Data-driven personalization: Use customer personas, data, and context to preview and simulate the customer experience for segments and individuals.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

If you know eCommerce is for you, then let’s get moving. Egyptian Enterprise Businesses can partner with us to structure the solution that fits business needs. elnco | Egypt Enterprise eCommerce teams have plenty of resources to help inform your other decision-makers about how elnco | Egypt eCommerce Manager meets your needs through IT, managed integrated services, and more.

Advanced Google Analytics Strategy

From developing advanced tracking systems from scratch to auditing tagging implementations and optimizing taxonomies data - we’ve done it. We’re Google Analytics and Google Data Studio Experts plus using Google Tag Manager and other tracking solutions. We’re skilled with Omniture, Ensighten, Tealium, and Coremetrics, to mention a few, so we’ll be able to help no matter which platforms Enterprise businesses use.

Employing powerful insights to grow your website. Expert strategy is the key to success. A competitive web analysis closes the loop between where you are now and where you aim to be.

elnco | Egypt advance web analytics team acts as an internal consultancy group to solve clients' tracking and data collection issues. This ranges from carrying out advance audits of websites and apps to implementing tracking code through tag management tools. Once all tracking is working, we analyze your website performance and advise on optimizations to improve conversions. Next, elnco | Egypt follows measurement frameworks and create an advanced strategic measurement plan tailored to your business KPIs. Once we’ve got this in place, we’ll put together a comprehensive implementation plan and work with website developers to get everything deployed successfully.

Here's what to expect when you get a competitive advanced web analysis:

  • Share with us: Who are your competitors, whether direct, aspirational, or indirect? The more you can tell us, the better.
  • Data collection and analysis: elnco | Egypt Enterprise Analysis Team employs the most powerful tools in the industry to gather relevant information.
  • Results: An elnco | Egypt advisor will deliver expert analysis and a prioritized list of recommendations.

It turns out you can buy experience. Come for our expertise. Stay for your results. Make best-in-class implementation, advance google web analytics, and ongoing support part of your investment.

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

elnco | Egypt Enterprise experts help build data-driven strategic reports to assist businesses to get to where they want to be.

Our technical skillset sits at the intersection of mathematics/statistics, computer science, and digital marketing, which means that we have the holistic expertise and domain knowledge necessary to build relevant and effective reports for Egyptian business owners.

Use integrated advance insights to:

  • Reduce time to market. When we help you set up Digital Marketing Manager, you’ll be poised to offer ideal experiences to your customers sooner.
  • Increase ROI. You’ll shorten your time to market, reduce product costs, and focus more on engaging customers and driving market share.
  • Lighten the IT load. Let us relieve your IT staff from day-to-day tactical activities and allow them to better support customers and business operations.
Dedicated Account Manager

Managed Services with end-to-end advantages.

Full-service dedicated account management: elnco | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Egypt’ll assign a dedicated Customer Success manager to your account and provide 24/7 monitoring through our Marketing Operations Center. elnco | Egypt Account Manager will monitor the progress of your marketing strategy with a step-by-step process for responding to emerging issues while providing flexibility for continuous integration (CI).

Born in Digital Marketing. A leader in marketing automation and Management.

With elnco | Egypt's diverse enterprise marketing expertise comes the ability to approach a problem from multiple angles and to devise original approaches tailored to our clients.

24/7 Email Support

elnco | Egypt also offers a 24/7 Email Support Service, so you can contact us anytime you need help. Our Tech Support experts, Cairo-based Customer Service representatives, and Egyptian Clients Relationship Manager are here to answer your questions.

We’re here for you. If you need service or support immediately, contact your designated support center and speak with an elnco | Egypt Enterprise customer care representative. The networking help you need is always a click or call away.

You have big ideas to reach your customers in new and personal ways. But bringing those ideas to life takes time and resources. You need a solution that will help you get to market quickly with experiences that are always relevant and secure.



Today’s consumer is savvier than ever, performing research on your company and products, reading reviews, and making a purchasing decision with the touch of a finger. elnco | Egypt Marketing Packages help businesses create mobile and web experiences for your sales team and reach your local customers with the appropriate message, at the proper time, and in the right place. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Experts help businesses achieve digital transformation with solutions that advance efficiency, track inventory, unite with sales targets, and integrate mobile communications and entertainment devices.


Today’s healthcare organizations face mountains of data, escalating regulations, and heightened patient expectations. elnco | Egypt Marketing Experts focus on the healthcare customer experience, working with Egypt business to design and implement solutions that enable interoperability, utilize key data insights, and improve customer experiences and quality of care. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Packages will ensure you have integrated, innovative solutions that streamline internal processes and maximize the experience at every consumer touchpoint.


As the regular fixed-line, wireless, cable, satellite, and Internet technologies converge, you’re scrambling to capitalize on new possibilities, drive down costs, and stay relevant against the competition. elnco | Egypt Marketing Experts target the “quote-to-cash” cycle to reclaim lost revenue, reduce operational expenses and recoup stranded capital. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Expert Teams deliver an accurate quote, order, and introduction, configuration of complex products, improved order management, and provisioning.


To race in a highly competitive and evolving industry, you need to be prepared for the demand fluctuations of your customers. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Experts develop customer lifecycle strategies and then empower them through business process automation, roadmaps, marketing solutions, forecasting and pipeline management, product configuration, order management, CRM, and customer analytics.


Connected customers harness the power of the internet and real-time access data to source more choices and get the best price. Shoppers anticipate an increasingly personalized level of service. To keep pace with those always-on customers, businesses must map and comprehend the customer journey, transform unprecedented volumes of data into actionable insights, and provide products and services that please even the most demanding customer. elnco | Egypt Enterprise Experts work with local retail and consumer products businesses to help better engage the newly connected buyer with cutting-edge concepts and innovative solutions to streamline and improve operations and increase customer satisfaction.


elnco | Egypt Enterprise Experts implement strategic technology and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical equipment companies, academic institutions (AROs), and contract research organizations (CROs). elnco | Egypt experience working with local Egyptian life sciences organizations has benefited us from long-lasting relationships that enable businesses to improve their clinical, safety, and business operations while reducing costs.


Deregulation, volatile markets, consumer demand, and investor expectations have increased competition and created new opportunities. elnco | Egypt addresses your strategic, financial, and regulatory needs with portals for commodities trading, risk management, user experience testing, application integration, BI, sourcing methodologies and strategies, supplier negotiations, and comprehensive control measures. elnco | Egypt develops reservoir-driven solutions covering the complete asset life cycle and build applications to maximize oil and gas recovery.


To succeed in market expansions and downturns, you need to leverage vast amounts of data about customers, partners, products, and competitors. While manufacturing and technology corporations like yours have little authority over all broad economic upswings and downturns, you can adequately prepare for – and respond to – the demand fluctuations of consumers, increasing material costs, rising competition, and aging equipment. elnco | Egypt extensive experience in process optimization, Lean Six Sigma methodology, cycle time reduction, and metrics reporting can drive lasting solutions.


Whether it’s maintaining pace with today’s cross-channel customer experience demands and digital transformation, increasing operational efficiency, or keeping up with the complexities of regulatory reform, elnco | Egypt Enterprise Expert's are helping businesses redefine the future of financial services for their clients. Companies in banking, capital markets, asset and wealth management, and insurance turn to us to help resolve their sizeable complex business and technology challenges.