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Ossama kamel daoud | mr. Ossama daoud people and culture director ~ elnco | egypt top 2021 enterprise marketing agency

Ossama Daoud

“Disrupt or be disrupted” is Ossama Kamel Daoud‘s rallying cry. From abolishing elnco | Egypt’s annual performance reviews to expanding its family leave policy dramatically, Ossama Kamel has set the industry agenda while making elnco | Egypt a great place to work.

“As a company known for exemplary operation, our employees are at the core of our success, consistently creating positive participation for clients and fellow colleagues. At elnco | Egypt, we welcome all individuals who bear unique experiences, who contribute fresh and innovative deep-thinking, and who champion our solutions as frontline brand ambassadors.”

Ossama Daoud | Egypt Enterprise Marketing Agency

Ossama Daoud‘s mandate goes well beyond the traditional human resources function at elnco | Egypt. He is responsible for ensuring elnco | Egypt is continually attracting, developing, and retaining a fantastic team for all elnco | Egypt products and executing all aspects of human resources at the workplace.

Mr. Ossama Daoud holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Alexandria University with additional executive coaching, change management, and leadership certifications. He spent 20 years growing retail brands in Egypt’s Tourism Industry, ensuring employees do not come to elnco | Egypt to work but can be their best and live out their passions.

elnco | Egypt’s People and Culture Director

In May 2021, Ossama Daoud launched a new elnco | Egypt team focused on the people who make its success possible: its employees.

At the same time that elnco | Egypt helps its customers build great experiences, Ossama Kamel Daoud wants to ensure that the company creates its own great experience where customers and employees get what they need — and even more than they expect. “A team of diverse and engaged employees is the secret to serving our customers in a standout way, and I’m excited about the possibilities we have ahead,” Mr. Kamel says.

If Ossama were not at elnco | Canada, he would watch movies and play billiards with his friend. I am Mediterranean by birth.

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